Zaarly Guarantee Policy

Zaarly helps consumers find, contract, and work with a variety of home-related services companies. We thoroughly vet and monitor our Service Providers to make sure you receive a consistently high level of service. Zaarly is built on the idea of accountability, and that includes correcting those rare cases when things didn’t go to plan. If things go wrong, we offer a Guarantee of up to $10,000 to make it right. This policy provides the details and rules we use to administer our Guarantee fairly for all Customers.


Every time you buy Services through Zaarly’s Platform, our Guarantee applies. The Guarantee is intended to cover work performed by our Service Providers that does not meet appropriate professional standards or damages your property. This includes situations where:

  1. You’re unsatisfied with the service performed;

  2. You have purchased the service in its entirety directly through the Zaarly platform;

  3. The scope of work was documented using our Messaging features; and

  4. Your service appointment was completed within the last 30 days. For recurring services, we treat each appointment as a separate occurrence.

To prevent fraud and abuse of our Guarantee, we cannot promise to pay all or part of every claim made by a Consumer. This Guarantee Policy does not cover any other categories of harms, such as:

  1. Services that were never performed (unless a deposit was paid);

  2. Services that were performed but were not agreed upon using our Platform;

  3. Pricing or scheduling disputes;

  4. Issues that you attempt to resolve outside the Platform or fail to appropriately document using our Messaging features;

  5. Claims related to any other service provider not covered by this Guarantee;

  6. Unforeseeable or latent defects in a Consumer’s premises;

  7. Communications issues between you and a Service Provider;

  8. Offensive comments, remarks, or other behavior from a Service Provider; or

  9. Illegal, intentional, or reckless misconduct by a Service Provider.

We reserve the right to determine the appropriate amount necessary to remedy the issue in our reasonable discretion. This Guarantee Policy does not apply to any claim arising out of our Privacy Policy, our Terms of Service, any violation of our Marketplace Directions, or any Technical Issues.


Zaarly is built on the idea of accountability, and that includes correcting those rare cases when things didn’t go to plan.

Before our process begins:

  1. The Consumer must attempt in good faith to work with the Service Provider to resolve the issue. In the majority of cases, providers will be eager to please and proudly correct any issues with their work. Requests for refunds from customers who refuse to allow Service Providers to correct any issues will not be honored.

  2. If a resolution between you and your service provider proves impossible, email [email protected] and we will mediate the dispute through our standard process.

Our process:

  1. We gather as much information as possible, including your Zaarly messages, any written conversations off-Zaarly, estimates/contracts and pictures. We also get a verbal recount from both sides.

  2. If necessary, we get a second opinion in writing from other experts such as certified home inspectors to determine whether the work conforms to industry standards or the terms agreed to between the Service Provider and Consumer.

  3. We determine whether the Service Provider followed through on the expectations they set for the Consumer.

  4. Once we’re sure we have a clear picture of the incident, and any faults involved, we determine a fair resolution.


  1. A Zaarly credit towards a future project;

  2. A partial or full refund from the Service Provider;

  3. A partial or full Consumer refund from Zaarly;

  4. A referral to a different Provider;

  5. Assistance in filing a claim against the Service Provider’s insurance, or

  6. Termination of the Consumer’s or Service Provider’s right to use the Platform.


If anything in this Guarantee Policy should come into conflict with anything in our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, or any other contract between us and a Consumer or Service Provider, that other contract shall control.

Suspension or Termination

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate our Guarantee program at any time if we suspect abuse or interference with the proper administration of this Guarantee Policy.


By accepting any payment from Zaarly pursuant to this Policy, you agree to assign any and all claims you may have against the applicable Service Provider to Zaarly, and agree to cooperate fully with Zaarly in the event that we choose to pursue that claim against the Service Provider, whether informally or by mediation, arbitration, or a lawsuit.


  1. “Guarantee” means our money back guarantee, which is administered according to this Policy.

  2. “Guarantee Policy” means this policy.

  3. “Marketplace Directions” means our guidelines for use of the Platform, which are located at

  4. “Messaging” includes written communication within and telephone calls initiated using the Platform.

  5. “Platform” means the Website, our iOS application, and our Android application.

  6. “Privacy Policy” means our disclosure of our privacy practices, which is located at

  7. “Service Providers” means the home-related services companies that offer Services using our Platform.

  8. “Services” means services provided to a Consumer by a Service Provider.

  9. “Technical Issues” means limitations, delays and other problems inherent to the use of the internet and electronic communications.

  10. “Terms of Service” means our terms and conditions for Consumers and Service Providers’ use of the Platform, which are located at

  11. “Transaction” means each occasion when a Service Provider provides Services to a Consumer.

  12. “Website” means

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