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Our mission is simple:

“Help people who take pride in their homes hire people who take pride in their work.”

Why Home Services Flourish on Zaarly

From housecleaners to handymen, from landscape architects to electricians – some pretty amazing businesses have started and flourished on Zaarly.

The home service businesses on Zaarly are, first and foremost, customer service businesses. All of them honest, diligent, fair and just plain nice. Homeowners are blown away because they expect the opposite. They just expect to get taken advantage of. And that's the sign of something really broken.

In most industries, the more you pay for something, the better that something is. In fact, only in very broken industries does that basic framework fall apart and nowhere is it more broken that the world of home services. It's crazy and, frankly pretty sad, but on average the more you pay for a plumber the worse service you get. Home services is an industry where the best service providers are sometimes the hardest to find.

We can do better.

Flipping The Home Service Industry on Its Head

The past 100 years have seen technology advances that propelled productivity and progress at a pace previously unimaginable. The industrial revolution showed us the best of what progress and capitalism could lead to - an explosion of choice and an unparalleled improvement in quality of life.

But something important has been getting lost along the way.

As small businesses were forced to compete with giant franchises, the dignity and honor that was built into the fabric of our society has been chipped away in favor of saving another two percent.

We hate that.

We believe that the best work you’ll ever see comes from people who truly love what they do — and that the opportunity exists for millions of people to make a living doing work they're proud of.

We've been able to make a meaningful impact on numerous home service businesses, and we've seen countless home owners finally find service experts they feel great about going back to and telling their neighbors about.

More than anything, we want to create a marketplace of people who smile when they meet each other in person, where the first interaction is the first of many. We are cultivating a marketplace of small businesses centered around trust and community, where the way things should be is the way things are.

Welcome to a better future.

Get $100 if a service provider stands you up.
We check in on every job. We can make things right if they go wrong.