Zaarly Marketplace Directions

Zaarly is a marketplace that lets you buy local food, handmade goods and services directly from amazing people near you. We give you the opportunity to work with talented people who can offer the solution to an everyday need, or provide a custom good or experience. So instead of calling this the Marketplace Rules, Policies or Guidelines, which no doubt elicit visions of not running with scissors and abiding by a dress code, we decided to call these the Marketplace Directions. Directions, as in making sure the cake doesn't come out salty; that the DVR records the season finale and not the 4 p.m. newscast; that we all follow the same path and end up in the same place.

Please take a moment to review these Marketplace Directions.

Communicate clearly, quickly, and respectfully.

If you want two dozen peanut butter chocolate cookies delivered to your office by 9 a.m. on Wednesday, that's exactly what you need to put in your order notes. By doing business on Zaarly, Storefront Owners have promised to reply as quickly as possible and do everything they can to deliver exactly what you want. If you don't have the best experience, be honest, but respectful when giving feedback to the Storefront Owner. It will give them the chance to make your experience better and tailor their service for future customers.

Abide by the Zaarly Guarantee.

The Zaarly Guarantee means guaranteed credit payments, no-hassle refunds, and a team that’s always on your side. No complicated fees or insurance policies, just amazing coverage every time. To be covered by the Zaarly Guarantee, all messaging and payments must be processed through Zaarly, so be sure the interaction stays on Zaarly from conversation to closed order.

Spread the word.

A marketplace is only as strong as the people in it. Help build your local Zaarly marketplace by leaving a review after every purchase, Favoriting your local Storefront Owners to stay on top of their Storefront announcements, and telling your family and friends about the amazing experiences you've had on Zaarly. Storefront Owners will thank you, and may even throw in an extra little something in your next order.

Comply with local laws.

Did you know it's illegal in California to let your dog chase a bear? While that's not a listing you'll see on Zaarly, you need to make sure you're abiding by your state laws. That could include food preparation regulations, permitting rules, liability insurance, employee rights and tax laws.

Abuse the marketplace, face the consequences.

That might sound a little doomsday, but basically, it means anyone who fails to uphold their end of the deal will be asked to leave. For first strikes, Zaarly will step in to help mediate the situation, but repeated abusive behavior will end in violators being shown to the door.

Violations for Storefront Owners may include:
  • Not responding to orders or messages after a conversation has been initiated
  • Reports of shipped items not reaching their destination
  • Violating community trust and safety
  • Poor customer service
  • Failure to respond to and resolve customer complaints about a completed order
  • Subcontracting work without discussing with the customer
Violations for customers may include:
  • Not being available to receive orders during the times you requested
  • Ending communication without explanation after an order has been initiated
  • Abusive communication
  • Soliciting Storefront Owners through Zaarly messaging for your own business
  • Failure to pay for the agreed-upon good or service
  • Attempting to pay with alternative methods like checks, cash, etc.
  1. First offense: Warning, Zaarly will step in to mediate.
  2. Second offense: 30 day suspension.
  3. Third offense: Full account suspension.

Remember, you're working with people who live in your community. Be respectful and courteous, and it'll be smooth sailing. Feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.