Come play.

We’re a super tight-knit team and we only hire when we absolutely must. We need you fam!

Our office is situated in a cute neighborhood in Prairie Village. We have 1-1 meetings on the swingset at the park down the street. We roll over to Chipotle or BRGR and have lunch together. We get a lot done and we have fun doing it.

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Open Positions

Product Engineers

In order to scale to new markets, we are productizing a lot of our manual operations and taking big leaps toward making our applications more useful, usable, and delightful.

There is a lot to build, so we are hiring 2 experienced developers.

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  • At least 1 year working on a product team and web app with real users
  • Comfortable working across the full stack of a modern Rails application
  • Familiarity with Postgres, ElasticSearch, CoffeeScript, Sass, Turbolinks, and Rspec is a plus
  • Able to work at our main office in Kansas City
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Customer Success

This is on the front lines of working with customers to solve their problems. If we don’t get that right, none of the rest of our work matters.

You will help customers and real estate agents find the perfect Service Provider for their jobs, guide those jobs to ensure things go smoothly, and proactively solve issues before customers even know they have them.

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  • You are a clear, straightforward communicator when speaking and writing
  • You are extremely detail-oriented
  • You are kind, patient, friendly, and look forward to talking to people (even gruff ones)
  • You are capable (at minimum) with computers and spreadsheets
  • You are able to work from our main office in Kansas City
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We are small but we are mighty

We have 9 team members in Kansas City and 3 more spread across these great United States. We’re a small team that feels like family. That sounds like a giant cliché, but it’s the truth.

Everyone is mission-critical


Ben Reynolds

Product Engineer

I'm building a mechanical keyboard and can solve a Rubik's cube in under a minute.

Kansas City

Bo Fishback


I founded Zaarly. I love old homes with history and lots of projects to work on.

Kansas City

Chase Martyn

Director of Engineering

I lead our engineering team and manage our technology. I'm possibly the most unhealthy vegetarian on earth.

Washington D.C.

Clay Patterson


I make sure things run smoothly. I also tend to think in spreadsheets.

Kansas City

Eric Jorgenson

Director of Marketplace

I help our small businesses stay awesome. I am also a cheeseburger connoisseur.

Kansas City

Jamin Jantz

Director of marketing

I direct all of our marketing operations and I want everything done yesterday.

Kansas City

Josh Reinhardt

Product Engineer

I wash my apples with handsoap before I eat them. What's not normal about that?

Kansas City

Karen Weaver

Customer Support Lead

I don't just answer calls and respond to chats - I solve customer's problems. All day, every day.

New Balitmore, MI

Matt Donovan

Director of Product & Design

I run lead on our website and mobile apps. I am a designer and full-stack pancake eater.

Kansas City

Natala Constantine


I stay engaged with our customers over social media. Please reach out if you need anything!


Nicky Fay

Marketplace Manager

I make sure every job on Zaarly exceeds people's expectations. I’m pretty much awesome.

Kansas City

Rachel Hay

Local Partnership Manager

I recruit local small businesses to join Zaarly and I’m really picky. Like, borderline unfair.

Kansas City

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Zaarly is an invite-only marketplace for small business owners who demonstrate superior customer service.

We are not a discount site. Nobody pays for placement. We never charge for leads.

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