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    Scott Brewington

    Rock Solid Concrete Sealing System

    3 years in businessInsured & Certified by Seal Rx

    Specialties include

    • Concrete Sealing
    • Power Washing

      Backed by Zaarly's $10,000Money-back Guarantee
      Servicing Entire KC Metro Area

      Scott offers a very specific service, and he does it REALLY well. If you love the idea of preventative services that save you money over time, he's your guy. Plus, your driveway is going to be downright beautiful.

      Nicky @ Zaarly Marketplace Manager

      Rock Solid Concrete Sealing System's Most Common Requests

      • Preventative Concrete Sealing

        Avg. Price: $500-1000

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        Kansas City weather exists for the sole purpose of destroying your driveway. But Scott has the answer to protect against expansion and contraction!

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