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Justin Moving Company is founded on the strong belief that customers deserve friendly service, straight-forward pricing, and impeccable care of their belongings. As a family-owned and operated business, they know that nothing is more important than customer satisfaction.

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Reviews about Justin Moving Company

Reviewed byJenna PavlasekApril 08, 2020
  • Responsive communication
  • Friendly customer service
  • Prompt timely service

I had a 50/50 experience with this moving company. As far as quality of moving and packing my things, I would say the Movers did a great job for the most part. They were really nice, packed the truck nice and tight, got ALMOST everything (we had a lot of stuff, so I wasn't upset about that, they got the biggest things so I appreciated that they started getting choosy of what could go in there, to get the most important big items). The lead mover asked me if I was satisfied multiple times, let me see how well the truck was packed for assurance and we had a STEEP driveway and it started pouring rain and they still busted it out. Gave them a nice tip and some brownies. My qualms are that Delilah, the one who seemed to be the admin for them, when asked what they're doing for Covid Precautions (as this made me very nervous to be moving at this time, but I didn't have an option) she said they were cleaning the trucks before and after every move and the movers would be wearing gloves and that they would be willing to wear masks that I was willing to provide. The movers showed up with no gloves and had no idea what I was talking about. They did agree to wear the masks willingly though. A few scuffs on the doors/walls here and there and a broken lightswitch plate trying to get the fridge out of the kitchen in my old house. Quite honestly, I feel like I've never had movers that DIDN'T do that, that's just.....what happens, I feel. Could be wrong. They also accidently broke my mother's (who passed away a couple of months ago) vanity. It was already in bad shape and needed to be tightened and fixed up, so I wasn't upset when he told me about the mirror, but then the leg straight up broke off and that part wasn't loose prior. Once again though, I feel like sometimes there are just casualties during a move and I'm planning on having it redone anyway, so I'll just fix it. He was REALLY nice about it, let me know and you could tell he felt bad. Then, the company wasn't aware that they had to have me pay through zaarly. I had accidently packed up my wallet, so I borrowed my dad's CC to pay and sent him the money to his account. They had me write the cc number down on a receipt type paper and sign, then off it went. A Day later they are trying to charge my account for the money. Of course had it been MY card that was originally supposed to be charged and I had my zaarly account hooked up with my card info, this wouldn't have been a problem because the money would have been there. But had I had my zaarly account connected to my card, and they charged it after I had already sent that money to my father after using his card, It would have overdrawn my account. It could have been worse, yes, but it was incredibly annoying that they didn't know the rules of the referral site they're using, had me WRITE my cc info down (security risk) when they weren't even going to use it and then try to charge the zaarly account without even letting me know what had happened. There should have been communication prior to putting the charge through. It was fine, they gave me a few days to get the money back from my father and get it paid so that was appreciated.