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Emil Friend

I Love Your Garden

2 Reviews

Specialties include

  • Comprehensive landscape design
  • Expert plant shopping assistance
  • Herb, vegetable, fruit buckets
  • Irrigation system audits
  • Native plant integration
  • Outdoor lighting maintenance
  • Use of organic fertilizers & sprays

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Reviews about I Love Your Garden

Reviewed byAmanda C. PetersonJune 14, 2013

    Emil is fantastic! Knowledgeable, professional and really thoughtful. I didn't think our backyard could look this different in just a day! I look forward to working with Emil again to get this garden amazing. Thank you, Emil!

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    Reviewed byAllison KoesterSeptember 07, 2012

      Emil was super informative, a great communicator and really knows his stuff. Would definitely work with him again. Thanks so much!

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