Planning a move? This guide has every thing you need to know. Plus! a 90 day step-by-step moving checklist!

Moving is one of the more stressful life events. Some people hate it so much that they would rather spend a week in prison. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Zaarly, we want you to experience the zen of moving. We take the stress out so you can focus on getting ready for your new home! To make life a little easier, we have a step-by-step process that will reduce confusion and help you stay organized.

Find out how Zaarly makes your move stress-free.

3 Months Before You Move

Six things to do before you move.

2 Months Before You Move

1 Month Before You Move

1 Week Before You Move

1-3 Days Before You Move

***Moving during the COVID-19 crisis means taking a few extra steps. We’ve got a guide to help you get through it.***

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Moving Day

You did it! You moved! Order some pizza, eat on the kitchen floor, and get started on moving-in.

You are in your new home. This is a crucial month to get recurring home services set up, get service providers scheduled, and start dreaming of any home improvements or upgrades you want to make! But first, take the best nap of your life.

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Schedule these recurring home services during your first month:

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Top home improvement projects homeowners book in the first 3 months.

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Go big...or Stay home!

Ready to make big changes to your new home right away? Here are the top big home improvements:

Kitchen remodel

You’ve got a brand new kitchen to work with! Ready to get the kitchen of your dreams? From giant kitchen islands to double stoves — the new modern kitchen is all about balancing modern convenience with togetherness. We’ve got some advice on dreaming up your kitchen that might be helpful as you start the process. We also suggest getting in touch with a few service providers to start getting quotes.

A new or upgraded deck

With more of us spending time at home, a lot of people are looking to expand their space. Decks are a great way to add more room for entertaining and for a wonderful change of scenery. If you are not sure where to start when it comes to a deck, we might be able to help. Here's a guideline that will walk you through every decision you’ll need to make for your new deck. You can also reach out to a service provider and get started that way.

Finished Basement

Looking to add lots of livable space? Finished basements can create the room—or rooms—you need to accommodate your growing family. Finished basements are also a great place to have your very own in-home theater or game room! Think a home theater is out of reach? Think again! If you are finishing your basement anyway - an in-home movie theater is a great addition that everyone in the family will love! It's also a great reason to invite your neighbors over and get to know them. Learn more about home theaters.

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The Zaarly team is dedicated to helping you make your house a home. Have you already started envisioning what you can do to make your home a place you and your family will love? Reach out to us anytime to discuss the dreams you have for your home!

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