Preventing water damage in your Kansas City home

service provider cleaning up water damage in a basement

We asked our Kansas City plumbers and handymen how you can prevent water damange in your Kansas City home.

Q: What are the basics of preventing water damage?

Service Provider Answer: The best things you can do a few times per year is to have your gutters cleaned and inspected and make sure your downspouts are working and pointing the right way. You’ll also want to be sure that there is proper sloping around your foundation.

Q: What is waterproofing and do I need to do it?

Service Provider Answer: Waterproofing is an important process that prevents water from penetrating your basement walls. Waterproofing involves injecting an expanding polyurethane that fills every nook and cranny while having the ability to flex as your foundation continues to settle.

Q: Do I need a sump pump?

Service Provider Answer: In older homes in the Kansas City area it’s probably a good idea to have one. Here are a few reasons to invest in one to help protect your home:

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