What you need to know about watering your lawn

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Watering your lawn is vital to healthy grass, especially in the summer when the grass is more likely to dry out. The best way to keep your lawn lush and beautiful is to have a sprinkler system installed. If you go with an automatic sprinkler system, it’s important to not over-water your lawn. Sprinklers should not be set to water every day or every other day — they should be used when water is needed.

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Is your lawn healthy?

If you notice any of the following, it’s time to water your lawn:

️The grass is beginning to wilt.
The grass is not as green anymore.
When people walk over your grass, footprints are left behind.

How much should you water your grass in the spring?

It’s best to wait to water your lawn in the spring. Spring usually brings with it lots of rainfall that typically will keep your lawn well-hydrated. It’s also beneficial to wait, even when there is a break in the rain so that deep-rooting can happen (this is when the grass is slightly under-watered and will grow roots deeper which helps reach more nutrients in the soil).

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How much should you water your lawn in the summer?

You’ll need to water your lawn often in the summer. Here are a few tips to keep your lawn green all summer!

Water your lawn in the morning.
Between rain and irrigation, you want your lawn to get between 1 and 1.5 inches of water every week in the summer.
Watering your lawn should happen approximately every 2–3 days.
Do not over-water your lawn by watering it every day; it can leave your grass susceptible to longer-term problems.

How do you water your lawn in the fall?

Homeowners often make the mistake of thinking that their grass doesn’t need to be watered in the fall because the temperature starts to get chilly. If you want healthy lawn and healthy roots, you should continue to water your grass well into the fall months so that it has enough moisture through the winter.

Do you need to water your grass in the winter?

Generally, you will not have to water your lawn in the winter. The general rule is as long as you’re still mowing your grass and your grass is still growing, you might need to water your lawn. Rain and snow during the winter should provide plenty of moisture.

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Quick tips on watering your lawn:

Do not water your lawn every day — keep it to when it needs to be watered, which is typically 2–3 times per week.
Water should go about 7 inches into the soil.
Water your lawn in the morning.
Make sure your sprinklers are pointed in the right direction and not watering your driveway or joggers.

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