Perk up your patio!

outdoor large covered patio

Patios can become a wonderful day-time and evening room when the temperature is right. Patios also offer a welcome point to your home. We have a few tips so you can get your patio space to perk up!

Get the Air Moving

Installing a ceiling fan on your patio can instantly make it a more comfortable spot during the warm DC months. A ceiling fan will drop the temperature by 10 degrees, and the cool breeze can make a muggy July day turn into a perfect one. Be sure to choose a ceiling fan with a light so that you have an excellent overhead light source.

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Blend Your Landscape and Your Patio

A walkway that suddenly ends often will feel like it doesn’t belong. Try blending your landscape gradually up to your patio. Adding plants, stones, brick that move into the patio design will give you a flawless look. Blending will also provide the illusion of a much larger space.

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Variety is Key

Use contrasting colors for patio furniture and accents to create a visually exciting space. Think about ways you can separate different areas on your patio — plants, large stones, and bricks can make your space feel more substantial and create more function.

Green Space

Vertical gardens can be the perfect way to add green to your home without the work of a lawn-garden. Using a trellis wall is easy, softens the edges and with your splash of green offers an exciting look to your outdoor space.

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