Moving day! All the things you almost forgot.

It’s your first night in your new home. You spent the entire day driving back and forth from your old place to your new house. You made countless trips to the hardware store to get that thing to put together this thing. Beyond exhaustion, you just want to have a snack and take a shower and go to bed.

There’s just one problem: the only food you can find is the cheerios on the floor of the car that may or may not have been in your child’s mouth at some point. The only thing you’d have to dry yourself off with is a roll of paper towels left by the previous homeowners. And when you finally go to collapse on your bed, can only find the crib sheets that you haven’t even used in years and have no idea why you moved them.

You need to make sure you have the survival essentials you want on hand, but in the midst of packing, setting up the move, coordinating family and friends, it’s the little things that you are likely to forget. To make it easier, we made a checklist of everything you should bring in the first load. Make sure you put them somewhere easy to locate, like the kitchen counter

Here’s our must-have-on-hand list for during moving day:

After a long day of moving, you’ll want to have the following ready to go:

*Pro Tip: Pack like you are going out of town for the weekend. Use suitcases to make things easier.

It only gets easier from here! Soon you’ll have everything just the way you want it. The first few days of a move can be rough, but Zaarly can help! From unpacking and organizing to getting all of the furniture assembled and your photos hung, your team will make sure your house feels like a home.

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