Everything you'll need to know about mowing your lawn

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If you bought a home with a lawn, it will need to be mowed. It’s the most important thing for keeping your lawn looking good (and to stay out of trouble with your neighbors and HOA). Mowing will keep your grass healthier, and help to avoid things like weed-overgrowth. Mowing your lawn is the most basic of lawn care, and it doesn’t cost a lot to maintain.

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Scroll down to learn about when to mow, types of mowers and different grass varieties and the benefits of using them!

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What kind of mower do you need?

You’ll want to consider a few factors when determining what kind of mower you buy for your lawn.

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When should you mow your lawn?

When you should mow your lawn depends on the how fast your grass grows. The aim is to wait till grass blades are a certain length — which will determine when you mow your lawn. You’ll want to avoid mowing your lawn when the grass is too short, which can weaken your lawn.

Our lawn care providers recommend using the one-third rule. What is the 1/3rd rule? It means you shouldn’t cut grass more than 1/3rd of their height. For most people, this means mowing every 1–2 weeks in the off (spring and fall) and weekly in the summer.

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Tips on how to mow your lawn:

Variations of grass and mowing

Different types of grass require different care. If you have questions, a lawn care professional can tell you which kind of grass you have and the best care for it.

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The most common types of grass and when to mow:

This is a guide on when to mow and the benefits of different varieties of grass. When your grass reaches the following in inches, that is when you’ll want to get the lawn mower out.

Looking for advice on which type of grass is best for your lawn? Contact one of our lawn care service providers!

Bahiagrass: cut when it reaches 2–2 ½ inches
Why choose Bahia grass?

Bermuda grass: cut when it reaches 1½–2 inches
Why choose Bermuda grass?

Bluegrass: cut when it reaches 2–2½ inches
Why choose Bluegrass?

Centipede grass: cut when it reaches 1½–2 inches
Why choose Centipede grass?

Fescue grass: 2–3 inches
Why choose Fescue grass?

Ryegrass: 2–3 inches
Why choose Ryegrass?

Zoysia grass: 1–2 inches
Why choose Zoysia grass?

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It’s best to ask an expert — either at your local lawn and garden store or by sending a message to a lawn service company on Zaarly.

Keeping your lawn healthy and mowed will help to maintain or increase property value, prevent pests and weeds and keep your curb-appeal in tact!

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