Zaarly eliminates the stress of moving

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When Nancy, a Kansas City client who used a moving service on Zaarly, reviewed her moving experience, “I can’t believe it - but my move was enjoyable! It made me want to do it again.” But for most people, This is far from their own experiences.

Moving doesn’t have the best reputation. From packing everything you own into boxes to getting everything set up and organized in your new home, it causes a lot of stress. A recent study of 2000 Americans found that most people consider moving to be one of their most stressful life events - 1 in 8 people said they would rather spend a week in jail (we don’t want to know the stories that lead to that conclusion!)

Life Storage’s survey revealed that 27% of homeowners said that moving is more stressful than a job interview and 23% said it was more stressful than planning their wedding.

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All that stress isn’t contained to the moving day itself, either. In the process of moving, homeowners said they expected to lose at least 3 nights of sleep and have several arguments with their partners and many, many more arguments with their children.

For most people, moving is a long and tedious process. The average homeowner reported that it took them an average of 135 days to unpack all of their items after a move and that it took an average of 75 days to pack up their old place. could have the pros pack/unpack for you!

The other common stress? Losing things. In the survey, homeowners reported that almost half (44%) admitted to Marie Kondo-ing their partner’s disagreeable items. “Honey I don’t know where that statue of the golden retriever playing golf went to!”--The trash. It’s in the trash.

So, why do people move if it’s so stressful? The end result is worth the process. For all of the grief, nearly every homeowner said they were glad they chose to move — they just didn’t like the actual moving part.

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Can moving be a non-stressful event? Can some of the stress at least be reduced? The answer is a very big YES. Zaarly wants moving to be a zen-like experience. Your move should not be filled with turmoil; it should be an exciting time in your life.

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The movers on Zaarly are in an elite group of service providers. They are not only vetted, but held accountable for the job they do. Did your last mover show up late? At Zaarly, that’s $100 in your pocket. Are you having trouble communicating with your mover? We have a customer service specialist who monitors every conversation and makes sure your move is going as planned. Was something damaged or destroyed in the process? Our movers are fully insured and will do everything to make things right. However, we rarely have to use any of those safety nets. The movers you’ll find on Zaarly are held to a very high standard.

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And unlike other companies, we don’t sell your information and give it to the highest bidder. Instead, we carefully match your needs with the right mover and then we make sure it goes smoothly. Working with a Zaarly service provider will give you the ultimate peace of mind. For every possible issue you encounter, we have a solution–and if it is something we have never seen before, we’ll make finding a solution our top priority. But more than likely, you will love your service provider by the end of the process.

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