5 Historically Famous Man Caves

Father's Day is this weekend! If the dad in your life could use some space, we've got some inspiration! Ever wonder where Winston Churchill chilled out and painted? Or where Ernest Hemingway hung out with his cat, Snow White?

Frank Lloyd Wright's drafting cave

Wright lived in Oak Park, IL for the first twenty years of his career. Of course, he designed his drafting studio himself. Most notable, his octagonal hanging lights. Under those lights, Wright and his associates perfected the Prairie style of architecture and in that twenty years he designed 125 structures.

charles darwin study

Charles Darwins study cave

Darwin live in Kent, England for forty years. Inside his house, called the Down House he had a completely private study where he wrote in complete solitude. Darwin was said to only work in the early mornings and wanted a study with a large window. He lined his bookshelves with books and animal specimens. And can we just point out that sweet bowler hat and the spindle cane?! Turns out Darwin had an evolving sense of style.

wright brothers garage

The Wright brothers biker cave.

The Wright brothers said that their favorite place to be was their garage, where they'd drink a beer and work on their car. Their garage served as their bike shop where they'd fix up bikes. They also created the first flying machine in that garage.

Ernest Hemingways writing cave.

Out on the Florida Keys, Earnest Hemingway would enjoy a scotch and smoke a cigar and write. Hemingway lived in his Key West house for a decade. He turned the carriage house into a writing studio and had a Cuban-cigar maker chair and his Royal typewriter.

Teddy Roosevelts trophy cave.

After his cattle business failed, Roosevelt moved to Oyster Bay, NY. He lived out the rest of his life in (with a break for a gig at the White House). Roosevelt loved his trophy room and would retreat to it often. The room has tall ceilings and dark wood.

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