Three DIY projects that you can do while staying at home

modern kitchen with new cabinet harware

Change your hardware.

This is super easy and can completely change the look of your kitchen and/or bathroom! Before starting in on this DIY project, make sure the new hardware will fit the existing holes, or that it will expand to include filling old holes and drilling the new ones. To ensure the new pieces will be a snug fit, measure the distance between holes for pulls and bring an old knob to the home improvement store for comparison. There are numerous resources to find unique hardware, we're big fans of this small business in Kansas City: Knob Snobbery (and what a great name!)

Paint your front door

Normally we'd suggest hiring a pro for this, however we think you can tackle it! Painting your front door is like putting a smile on your home, and what better time to do just that?

Things You Will Need


Wipe the door with a damp cloth and allow it to dry. Mask off any hardware or around the door edges to prevent paint transfer.

  1. Mix primer wiith a stirring stick. Dip paintbrush into the primer to coat it and tap the brush on the can to remove any excess (you can also place a few sturdy rubber-bands over the top of the paint can and remove excess paint that way). Paint the primer onto the outside and inside edges of the door.
  2. Next, paint the recessed parts of the door and panels with primer and fill in the centers of the door panels. Pass over the painted areas with the brush to prevent any brush strokes. Be sure to keep the brush wet the entire time you are painting the door.
  3. Paint (with primer) the vertical section between the panels beginning at the top and working your way down. Blend your brush strokes horizontally across the bottom and top rails. Paint the top, bottom and middle rails next. Paint the end stiles from top to bottom to complete the primer application. Allow the door to dry according to the primer manufacturer's instructions.
  4. Next, sand the door lightly and evenly with fine sandpaper to smooth out any imperfections - go slowly if this part makes you nervous. Wipe the door with a damp cloth - make sure the door is completely dry before continuing.
  5. Mix the paint with stirring stick. Apply the paint to the door with a paintbrush following the same method you used for the primer. Allow the paint to completely dry and then apply a second coat. Allow to dry - do not use the door before it's done drying!

Congrats! You have a fresh newly painted door!

PS you can order paint online!
Home Depot will even send you 8oz paint samples with free delivery!

Switch out your window treatments

Find yourself staring out the windows longingly? Change your window treatments and change the entire look of a room!

Here's a quick guide from our window treatment experts!

Functionality first:

Before you start thinking about style, you first need to determine what the functionality of the treatment will be in each room. Here is a quick checklist:




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