Don't let these outdoor home maintenance projects slip during quarantine

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It's tempting to let home maintenance slide while your quarantining. But, one of the last things you're going to want to deal with right now is a home emergency.

This is a good place to let you know that home service providers are deemed essential as are hardware stores. So, if your pipe bursts, you can definitely get in touch with a plumber still.

Wondering if home service providers are essential?

"Workers such as plumbers, electricians, exterminators, and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences"

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Have Your Gutters Cleaned

Cleaning your gutters or upgrading them is one of those things you can’t skip. Clogged gutters cause a host of expensive problems down the road. This is one that you’ll definitely want a professional to do. (we’ve heard too many ladder accident stories!)

This is something that you'll want to have a pro tackle, it's one of the leading causes of home related accidents.

Find someone who can clean your gutters this week!

Trim Trees

This is another one you should leave to the professionals. Our unpredictable winter and upcoming storm season mean your trees are going to need some TLC. Have them trimmed, especially the ones hanging over your roof.

Another task you'll want a pro to take care of!

Get a quote.

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Have Your Exterior Windows Cleaned

Time to get rid of all of that winter grime. Having your windows professionally cleaned a couple times of year makes a big difference to how your home looks, and how much light gets in, and we could all use a little more light!

Chat with a window-cleaning pro!

Check Your Sprinklers

  1. Walk through and look for dry spots, dark green spots, or mushy or wet spots. Dry may mean a broken or poorly adjusted sprinkler. Too green or mushy-wet may mean you’ve got an Old Faithful geyser surprising the early morning joggers.
  2. Consider the season and rainfall expectations, and adjust the water timer to suit your yard’s needs. If it’s raining, pause your sprinklers to keep from turning your yard into the Swamp Thing’s favorite hideout.
  3. Manually turn on your sprinklers and adjust each nozzle so the water is reaching your plants and not your neighbors out on their daily walks.
  4. Find clogged or dribbling sprinkler heads? You might have mineral buildup inside the sprinkler. Try soaking the heads in a lime remover or replace them. If that doesn’t work, it may be the water pressure; you may have gone overboard with too many sprinklers on one irrigation system.
  5. Make sure the sprinklers aren’t showering your house, windows or fences, which can lead to moisture damage and costly repairs.

Slope the Dirt

Flooded basements and water damage can turn into nightmares. Unwanted water that can pool up around your foundation will eventually compromise your foundations integrity. If the ground around your home is flat or slopes down you could find yourself dealing with drainage issues.

Reach out to a landscaper.

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Your home needs a bath! Getting your home powerwashed is an inexpensive and effective way to give your house an updated look. It'll also remove dirt build-up, pollen, mud and spider eggs. (if you need a reason more than it removes spider-eggs, we don't know how else to convince you).

Find someone to get rid of spider eggs.


Are your driveway and walkways looking rough? Now is a great time to fix/repair/re-pave or even have a new driveway put in! (guessing your car is staying in the garage most of the time these days).

Get an estimate!

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Mow the Lawn

Chances are your family will be spending more time outside now that the weather is getting better. Weekly lawn mowing is a simple way to keep your yard looking great and protecting your family from things like ticks and mosquitos.

Hire a local lawn mowing business!

For all of your spring maintenance, Zaarly is here to help!