Time to schedule November home maintenance

Calendar for November surrounded by arts and craft materials

We've been through a lot this year, but we’re still powering through some hard times. As a result, holidays might not look the same as they have in the past, but that doesn't mean they can't be special! Just remember, as we head into the winter season, your home will need a little extra TLC (just like you).

First, you’ll want to schedule your November home maintenance. Thankfully, Zaarly makes it stress-free! We have a SUPER easy way to book so that you can get all of your November home maintenance projects and chores scheduled! Our service providers will respond quickly and get you scheduled asap. Then you just sit back and watch those checklist items cross out one by one.

Seven things you'll want to get scheduled the first week of November:

  1. Before you light the yule log, have your chimney cleaned. Schedule chimney cleaning
  2. Get your gutters cleaned to prevent unwanted water damage. Schedule gutter cleaning
  3. Have a pro hang Holiday lighting. We don’t want any Chevy Chase moments this year! Schedule holiday lighting
  4. Pre-Thanksgiving deep clean before your mother-in-law arrives. Get to everything, including the windows and doors. Schedule a cleaning angel housecleaner
  5. HVAC check-up! You don't want to be caught with no heat on turkey-day! Though, with the ups and downs in the weather, you might need your air conditioning instead! Schedule HVAC services
  6. Winterize and clean-up your lawn - get those sprinklers cleaned out and shut off. Schedule lawn care.

You might be feeling a little more stress than usual, trying to figure out how to have a family Thanksgiving during a pandemic. Is your table even big enough for guests to sit six feet apart? But we promise that no one will care if you decide on pizza and wings for Thanksgiving (hey, it might even become a new tradition!) So, no matter how you plan on spending the holidays — be it family zoom parties or having grandma and grandpa over for a small gathering — it's ok. As for all the home stuff? We've got you covered. Our priority is to help YOU feel comfort and joy in the space you live in. Whatever we can do to help make that happen, we're here to help.