Grandmillenial style

Grandmillenial style living room

Think back to a simpler time - when there was no Instagram or self-driving cars or streaming services. Instead, there were gramophones and Studebakers and flapper dresses. As the saying goes, "all things old are new again." and this time, we're going back one hundred years to the turn of the last century to the 20s because Granny Chic is in style - in fashion and home interiors.

Where did this Granny Chic trend come from? Grandmillenials. What is Grandmillenial? If you've ever walked into your 20-30 somethings home and thought, "is this your grandmas home?" they might be a Grandmillienial. Or, they might live with their Grandma. Either way, hopefully, you walk out with some warm cookies.

Yellow velvet sofa with black and white paisley wallpaper

Grandmillials have an affinity for the designs and trends from the 20s and 30s. Think ruffles and embroidery and paisley wallpaper.

"I think a 'grand millennial' is a 'New Traditionalist'—someone who has an appreciation for the past," Manhattan-based interior designer Ariel Okin, 28,

older woman looking at lap top "is that my sofa?"

"It's someone who references the work of legendary designers like Billy Baldwin and Nancy Lancaster and Albert Hadley, who realizes the staying power of good, well-edited design while putting their fresh spin on it to make it feel updated and unique."

Large open living room in Grandmillenial style

It's easy to get started - head to your grandparent's homes and see if they are looking to take out of the attic storage and let their favorite grandkid have.

Obviously, head to the thrift stores. You will find a treasure chest full of unique things at any thrift store to get your home feeling like you could host Daisy Gatsby for a dinner party this weekend!

Ready to shimmy back to the late 20s? We've got some examples of the GrannyChic trend. Check out our Pinterest board!