How to build a play-set in your back yard

Backyard play-sets and swing-sets create an endless supply of summer imagination. Pirates are battled, princesses need to be rescued, flags are captures, knees are scraped, clothes are covered in grass stains - and memories are made.

But, how do you go from unruly summer grass to a backyard wonderland? This step-by-step guide will help you make the best decisions when it comes to the new favorite spot for your kids and their friends to hang out all summer. We'll walk you through what you need to know about play-set installation!

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Location, Location, Location!

Before you have your play-set installed, you'll have to figure out where your backyard play-set will be - you need to start inside. Where will you be peeking out your window to check on your kids? It's best to pick a location that has several visible points from inside your home.

Next, ideally, you don't want a play-set that is visible from the street or any place where it is easy for a child to run into the street.

Your Zaarly service provider will then go over other important considerations when you are deciding where your backyard swing set should go.

✔ ️Do tree limbs tend to grow over the area?

✔ ️Are there power-lines above?

✔ ️Does part of your roof overhang come close to any part of the play-set?

✔ ️Are there any sprinklers near or in the direct vicinity of the play-set?

✔ ️Have you checked where gas or utility lines are?

✔ ️Is there at least 6–8 feet of open land in all directions around where you'd like your play-set?

✔ ️Is there enough room for a protective surface?

✔ ️Are any metal parts (like slides) out of direct sunlight?

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Pro's and Cons - What Type of Play-set Should You Build?

Wood Swing Sets
If you go with a wood play-set, you've got three main types of wood to choose from.

 Durable, beautiful but is higher maintenance and cost can be prohibitive.

Preserved Pine 
Withstands all kinds of weather but also requires more maintenance than other materials.

 Durable, not expensive but also requires more maintenance.

Metal Playsets
Pros: Easy to maintain
Cons: Might not be a great option if you live in a warm climate or if the area you are setting up your play-set gets direct sunlight. Swing set related burns are severe and cause a lot of ER trips every year.

Ground Cover Options

Pour-in-Place Rubber
Pros: Safest material for play-set areas, low maintenance requirements. If you have a disabled child or want to have an accessible play-set for a child who uses a wheelchair - this is the option you'll want to go with.
Cons: Expensive.

Shredded Rubber
Pros: Will not decompose.
Cons: Maintenance is required.

Sand Gravel
Pros: Least expensive option.
Cons: Animals may use it as a litter box. If you live in a high wind area or get lots of intense storms, the gravel can blow away. It can compact with a lot of rain/snow.

Pros: Reasonably priced, less likely to attract animals.
Cons: You'll have to replace it every 1 1/2 years, freezes in cold weather, can attract bugs in certain climates.

Rubber Mats
Pros: Super easy to clean, durable, wheelchair accessible.
Cons: Cost prohibitive.

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Other Play-set Considerations

✔ ️If you have a young child (under 5) elements like a climbing wall, poll, rope swings, and climbing apparatus might be dangerous for them.

✔ ️If you want your play-set to last a long time, choose a height of at least five feet to get the most out of it.

✔ ️You'll want to make sure your play-set has all of the safety features to keep your child and their friends safe. Cap corners, make sure metal surfaces are not in direct sunlight and anchor your swing set.

✔ ️Get creative! Our service providers can help you create a play-set your child will never forget! Pirate ships, castles, playhouses, if they can dream it - it can probably be built!

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