Housecleaning costs — a breakdown

Clean large kitchen with island.

At Zaarly, we know that making a commitment to a regular house cleaning service can be a bit daunting. Weekly cleaning or cleaning on a regular basis is the one thing that almost everyone knows will greatly help reduce their stress, but most have lots of questions and hesitations.

We’re here to help answer all of your questions, and most importantly answer the number one question we get about house cleaning “How much does house cleaning cost?” followed by “How much is regular house cleaning?”

We’re going to eliminate the mystery in pricing by showing you costs straight from our own data on what it costs to have professional house cleaning. We’re all about transparency at Zaarly, you shouldn’t have to wonder if you are paying more than you should or what exactly you should be paying for.

Let’s get into some numbers! And graphs! (we love graphs around here)

Graph representing 1000 housecleaning charges on Zaarly.

The graph above represents 1,000 house cleaning charges. If you average all of these cleaning charges you get an average cost of $141.97. But what does that mean for you? What can you expect your cleaning cost to be for a basic clean?

You might have noticed that super-high service charge right away. Don’t worry, that’s definitely not something we see very often. In this case, it was a very large detail clean after major construction that took a large crew, and several days to complete.

You might also see some lower numbers on the chart, house cleaning charges that appear to be around the $40 dollar range for a house cleaning charge. Lower price ranges for housecleaning like that are often things like having just one room cleaned or a deep oven clean.

To give you a more accurate view, we’re going to take out the five highest charges and the five lowest charges. Now we’ll look at 990 housecleaning charges.

Graph representing 990 housecleaning charges on Zaarly.

Now we have a total of $143.95 over 990 house cleaning charges. Most of these house cleaning charges fall between $112.90-$161.29.

How do our house cleaning charges compare with national averages? Is an average of $143.00 for regular house cleaning reasonable?

According to the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, the national average for house cleaning is $25-$50 per hour per cleaner.

Mop against hardwood floors

House cleaning costs depend on the size of your home. If you have a home that is around 1200 square feet you can expect a routine house cleaning to take around 2 ½ hours. If you have a home that has square footage around 5000 you can expect a house cleaner to be there for 7-8 hours.

Weekly or regular cleaning will always save money over a one-off cleaning. House cleaning costs are also determined by the type of cleaning you are looking for.

Deep cleaning, which includes things like dusting baseboards, interior window cleaning, oven cleaning or cleaning the inside of the refrigerator will cost more. If you require special cleaning products which you would like your provider to purchase that will also cost more. Service providers all have basic cleaning supplies.

If you are looking to have things like exterior window cleaning or carpet cleaning, you’ll want to contact one of our professionals who specialize in that kind of cleaning.

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Plus, regular housecleaning can help make you happier and healthier according to science!